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LawTech Graduate Programme

LawTech Graduate Programme

Be part of building the future of law.

At Allen & Overy, we don’t wait for the future to come to us; we drive it forwards. We innovate and pioneer new solutions to forge new possibilities and that means new opportunities for all of us. 

By investing in the fusion of technology and law, we’re shaping how the industry utilises the latest innovation. We work smarter and bolder, so that we can deliver solutions fast and at scale. From artificial intelligence to data visualisation, project management tools to data-driven decision making, we are transforming both the services we offer and the ways in which we deliver them.

That’s where our LawTech Graduate Programme comes in. We are looking for creative and ambitious people, to drive transformation at the heart of the firm. We provide our trainees with the skills to succeed and the support and resources to re-define the role of tech in law.


We’re able to welcome final-year students or graduates from all universities with any degree (although a STEM or Economics background is preferred).

Application window

18 December 2023 - 2 February 2024

Programme Overview

Our programme will give you the foundation and skills to set you up for an exciting career in technology. You’ll rotate through various areas in Advanced Delivery & Solutions – our Markets Innovation Group, Project Management, Legal Tech and Fuse or eDiscovery teams.

This experience combines learning from a range of experts with applying that learning on real projects from day one. You’ll play a meaningful role in our transformation, helping us to innovative our solutions and service delivery from every angle.

This could be just the start. When you finish the programme, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue a permanent role in one of the following areas once you’ve established your interests and strengths. You’ll be supported to find the team that best matches your abilities. 


£37,500 in the first year
£43,000 in the second year



Advanced Delivery & Solutions Explained


Reasons to join

If you’re fascinated by tech and its potential to make a difference, this programme is for you. Every innovation we deliver has a direct impact on clients. By enhancing and modernising traditional law practices, we make legal representation accessible to everyone. Legal Tech is on the frontline of defining what every part of law will look like in the future and this programme will give you the opportunity to shape it. 

Allen & Overy will also support and fund recognised training and qualifications as you rotate through the four areas, including: project management (PRINCE2), Strategyser and RelativityOne Review Pro. 



Our cohorts are small. By recruiting just four graduates each year, we’re able to offer them real responsibility early on and enable them to make a difference on a wide range of important projects. Small cohorts also increase the likelihood of our graduates finding a permanent role in their chosen area at the end of the programme. 



It doesn’t matter if you’re unsure about which area of technology you would like to specialise in. Our two-year programme offers you the opportunity to experience four 6-month rotational seats in a wide variety of areas, equipping you with the technical knowledge, industry awareness and variety of project experience needed to qualify for a future career at Allen & Overy. You will also assist our teams on a range of projects of varying lengths; contributing to some as they progress and seeing others through every stage of development from start to finish. 



We’re an established organisation; one with an entrepreneurial mindset. You’ll work within a start-up-like environment and experience something new each day – all while encountering new challenges and problems your managers may not always have the answers to. That’s why we’ll provide you with the space to think and create new solutions, and help you feel empowered from day one.  



This role won’t be focused solely on technology, or a certain niche area or element of the industry. As a result, you’ll be able to gain a variety of transferable skills including project management and consultancy, as well as gain exposure to a broad range of technology. 



This is the perfect opportunity for someone with the ambition to be part of something from the very beginning. LawTech is a new industry and you will be given a unique opportunity to innovate your career and make your mark on an evolving area in its infancy.

What we look for

Curiosity is the key to succeeding in this team. It’s more than a love of learning, but the desire to question everything: looking for better ways of working, sharing new ideas and always finding that drive to discover something that could change everything.

This means we’re able to welcome applicants from all universities with any degree although a STEM or Economics background is preferred. Whichever subject you studied – if you can ask the right questions and show your commitment to playing a meaningful role in a team dedicated to innovation – you could be the perfect candidate for our LawTech graduate programme. Our academic requirements are AAB (136 UCAS points) or equivalent at A-Level and on track for/achieved a 2:1 undergraduate degree. We do take into account mitigating circumstances, including those relating to a disability, which may have affected your grades either at school or university and there is a space on the application form to include these.

Application Process

The application process is designed to give you a platform to show us what you’re capable of and to set you up for success at Allen & Overy.  

1. Online Application

This is your time to show us what you’re capable of. We are interested in your journey to date, your areas of interest and in particular, why this role appeals to you. In this stage, you will answer two short essay questions and detail your work and education history.

2. Interviews

If your online application is successful, the next stage will be a virtual Assessment Day composed of two one-on-one interviews.

The first interview will be on a case study, focused on the type of work you will be exposed to in this role. You will have time to work through a short brief and prepare a short presentation to deliver to your interviewer. This will be followed by a discussion on the key points from the case study.

In the second interview, you will be asked a series of questions based on scenarios you may encounter as a LawTech graduate.

Then & Now

Our A&O Lawyers all started from somewhere. From all kinds of backgrounds. Through every stage of their life, from personal to professional and the challenges along the way, our lawyers look back on the journeys that got them where they are today.