Diversity Equity & Inclusion

All In

Belong to a collective, excel as an individual.

Belong. Excel. These aren’t words on a page. For us, they are inseparable, non-negotiable cornerstones that support everything we do and achieve as a business. We know that unless our people truly feel like they belong here, we can never excel.

We know that when diverse organisations bring people and perspectives together, our solutions are stronger and more sustainable. But that doesn’t happen by accident. Equity and diversity require a truly inclusive environment and building a sustainable one is an ongoing process. That’s why fostering a culture where our people are accepted for who they are and feel able to truly reach their full potential has been a priority for us for many years. 

Our commitment to ensuring the opportunity to excel is spread equitably doesn’t stop within our walls. Recent global events highlighted that community-wide action is needed to deliver true progress and we are committed to playing our full part. For us, the new normal must be defined by progress and the conversion of good intentions into meaningful impact and real change.

At Allen & Overy we go beyond hoping for a better future. We know that hope is not a plan. Fostering a community that everyone feels they belong to and building an organisation that helps everyone excel isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a core tenet of our business strategy. By listening and encouraging challenge, we won’t just aspire to genuine inclusivity, we will achieve it. 

Our People Networks

Allen & Overy is made up of many different communities intersecting and collaborating with each other to continually strengthen who we are together. 

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A&Out is our global network for staff that identify as LGBT+ and staff that want to support and promote the equality of their LGBT+ colleagues (our allies). Globally, A&Out has over 100 LGBT+ members and over 700 allies. The purpose of A&Out is to raise awareness and to offer support and networking opportunities to Allen & Overy colleagues.

Race and Ethnicity

The aim of the group is to focus on the needs of and issues affecting, Black, Asian and minority ethnic people at Allen & Overy in London. Since launching, the group has successfully implemented several internal initiatives to raise awareness of the issues relating to ethnic diversity at Allen & Overy and to demonstrate the firm’s commitment to creating a more diverse business.

Gender Equality Network

The Gender Equality network works to support Allen & Overy to achieve greater gender equality at all levels of seniority within the firm. Their mission is to take every step toward a gender-balanced workplace where everyone can fulfil their potential and enjoy equal opportunities to truly excel.

AccessAbility Network

We know that disabilities can be life long, short-term, life changing and can change over time. At Allen & Overy we’re ensuring that whatever the nature of someone’s disability, it shouldn’t ever be a barrier to experiencing a fulfilling career and excelling at what you do. 

Social Mobility Network - Logo.jpg
Social Mobility Network

Social inequality restricts potential across the world and we believe we have a key part to play in building a fairer society where opportunity is merit-based and accessible. Our backgrounds should be celebrated and shared but should never define our experiences or limit our opportunities. We want everyone at Allen & Overy to meet their potential and excel.