Frequently asked questions.


Do you mind where I study the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL)?

We require all non-law candidates who have accepted a Training Contract prior to starting law school to study the GDL at the BPP Law School (we don’t mind if you study at their London or UK regional centres.) If you have any extenuating circumstances which may affect where you can study the GDL, we would be happy to discuss this with you.

Why have you chosen to develop a bespoke LPC with LLM qualification for Allen & Overy?

It is vital our lawyers give commercial, business-focused advice as well as being experts in law and the new course will provide the foundations of legal practice through the LPC element, and the business element will develop your business awareness and equip you for a career in commercial law. On full completion of the course, you will receive an LPC with LLM qualification.

Do you choose my LPC electives?

As the Allen & Overy LPC with LLM qualification is tailored to the work we do, we have specified the electives that our trainees must take as these will provide the best foundation for their career with us. These electives are acquisition, debt finance, public companies and equity finance.

Do you provide financial assistance through law school?

When you accept our offer of a Training Contract, we will provide financial support for your law school studies.


How many people are in each Training Contract intake?

We recruit approximately 80-90 trainees a year and have two intakes, one in March and another in September.

Is it possible to start a Training Contract before or after the dates you are currently advertising?

We try and accommodate changes in start dates where possible. It is easier to be flexible the earlier you ask, so talk to the Graduate Recruitment Team at offer stage if you think you might be interested in changing your intake date.

Can I choose my seats during the Training Contract?

At the beginning of your Training Contract, you will map your path out with the HR for Trainees Team. You will discuss your areas of interest, talk through preferences and plan your movement through different areas of the practice.

Can trainees do an international seat?

All trainees are able to apply for an international seat during their Training Contract, and this is usually undertaken during your final six months.

Can trainees undertake client secondments?

We have a number of client secondments available for trainees with financial institutions and corporates. As with international seats, trainees must apply for these. Performance and career aspirations are taken into account.

How many trainees stay with Allen & Overy on qualification?

We aim to retain all our trainees on qualification. We recruit and train people that we believe will make a valuable contribution to our firm and invest a lot of time and money in them. Our retention rate is on average between 80 – 90%.