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Then & Now

Our A&O Lawyers all started from somewhere. From all kinds of backgrounds. Through every stage of their life, from personal to professional and the challenges along the way, our lawyers look back on the journeys that got them where they are today. 

Life Experience

At A&O, we value real life experiences just as much as work experience. It’s not something to shy away from on your application. It makes you who you are. Here’s how some of our people have brought their life experiences to a career at A&O. 

What's law got to do with it?

You don’t have to study law to be a lawyer. Hear from some of our people as they explain how their degree skills transferred to a career in commercial law. 

A&O Explained

Our firm harnesses technology and drives transformation for clients across the world. Our legal expertise spans a wide range of practices and sectors. Find out more about the scale of innovative work you could be involved in and the ambitious teams you’ll do it with. 

Me&You Series

When we belong, we bring our best to everything we do. We stand together as part of a team and feel empowered to lead the way. The journey to belonging often starts with feeling accepted by others – knowing that they see you for who you really are. So we asked four of our people to share their experiences of working with another colleague – and it all ended with an unexpected twist for them.

Working in Law Tech & Operations

This programme is on the frontline of defining what every part of law will look like in the future and will give you the opportunity to shape it. 

& Me Series

Wherever your interests lie – whether you’ve been dreaming of being a lawyer since you were a child, have a musical talent, or are a first-generation university student – there’s a path to becoming a lawyer at A&O. Hear from some of our people and how they made their unique journey to us.