It’s the wonders of your imagination. Preparing for what’s on the horizon. And breaking ground.

It's Time.

It's Time

The world is changing more than ever before. And not only do we need to change with it, but we need to help shape its new form. At Allen & Overy, it’s our mission to be at the cutting edge of the legal industry. This is your chance to be part of something revolutionary, to make your mark and lead the way.



The start of your adventure.

Your career isn’t a destination – it’s a journey. And just like any journey, the first steps can seem daunting. Whether it’s attending an event or participating in a vacation scheme, we offer a wide range of opportunities for you to learn more about the firm, gain valuable experience and start your legal career.

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Allen & Overy Launch: The Careers Podcast

In a series of interviews and panel discussions, this podcast explores the many routes to becoming a lawyer as well as the options available during and after a career in law. Hosted by Bianca Vasilache, an A&O associate and former trainee, the guest speakers share their stories and practical advice for potential applicants and current practitioners alike.