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Look around. The world is changing and we need to change with it. At Allen & Overy, we’re determined to be at the forefront of new developments within the legal industry, setting the pace and leading the way.

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Being made for more goes beyond just having an interest in law. It means being a well-rounded individual with an entrepreneurial attitude; applying yourself fully to every task you put your mind to and making the most of every minute, both in and away from the firm.


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I’ve always been someone who steps outside of my comfort zone. A&O is a place where that type of attitude thrives. You’re never boxed into a mould; instead you’re given the freedom to nurture your passions and take your own ideas forward.

Entrepreneurialism isn’t just a buzz word here; it’s a mind-set. Take our new mental health initiative. I suggested that we set up a dedicated Trainee Mental Health & Wellbeing Group and got the green light to launch the project. Mental health used to be a taboo, but A&O are tackling it head on and changing the way things will work in the future. It wouldn’t have been a success without my colleagues. Collaboration is key here, everyone knows and understands that. No matter your seniority, as long as you’ve got the drive and determination, you’ll be given support to turn your ideas into reality.


When it comes to international work, there’s nowhere quite like A&O. We work on multinational deals and cross-border transactions, so having a global mind-set is critical. Every day, I work with colleagues in different offices, from Hong Kong to New York. From one country to another, partners to trainees, we’ve all got different roles and levels of experience, but we’re all vital to the team. My trainer summed it up perfectly: on every transaction, we each have a role to play and a contribution to make that will ultimately decide whether the transaction is a success or not. That mentality is ingrained here.

Working on the team that closed one of the largest software buyouts in Europe has been one of my biggest highlights so far. When the deal closed, our client sent us a really heartfelt message of thanks and our partner treated us to dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant. That’s how it is at A&O.
We pull together as a team, harnessing our different skills, to get the deal done. Then, we celebrate what we’ve achieved, together.


A&O is a fun environment to work hard in. The people are dedicated, they’re driven, and you quickly learn that everyone has your back. The other thing you learn is that it’s not all work. At A&O, you’re encouraged to explore your interests, both inside and outside of the firm.

Since joining as a trainee, I’ve been partnering with the Z2K Trust to provide pro bono legal advice to people who have had their disability benefits cut. Helping other people has always been important to me, but A&O has also opened my eyes to the importance of helping myself. My involvement in the Trainee Mental Health & Wellbeing Group here has taught me to step back and take time to invest in my interests. For me, that means playing tennis. Stepping onto the court, all the noise fades away; my mind clears; and I focus on the here and now. It helps me reset and reenergise, so I can take on whatever comes my way next.


It’s only my first year at A&O, but I’m already working alongside some of the firm’s partners to innovate the way we deliver legal expertise. Not only am I helping us stay at the forefront of legal tech; as a trainee I’ve been involved in some of the biggest deals in transport and renewable energy too.

The work I do impacts everyday life, so it’s critical that I’m always building on my strengths here. It’s great to know that I can turn to A&O’s women’s network or my team for help, but this experience has also shown me that I can always trust myself. As a dancer, I’ve learnt how to put in long hours, to fail and then build myself back up again. Whatever the challenge I’m faced with, I know I can draw on my drive, determination and discipline to make sure I overcome it.


A&O is a ground-breaking law firm, so I had high expectations when I joined. Luckily, those expectations have been exceeded during my time here. There’s no taking a backseat role on an A&O training contract. Every day, I’m encouraged to take on greater responsibility, complete exciting and important tasks and take real ownership for my work.

In the space of a year, I’ve worked on numerous high-profile deals. Most memorably, I helped represent Fox during their attempted acquisition of Sky. As I sat with my team, waiting for the results to come in, the reasons I went into law were realised. It’s been a pretty unforgettable experience. I’ve been given the freedom to try my hand at new things, but also the support of my team and the partners when I need it too. For me, A&O strikes the perfect balance: it’s a place where your personal development is carefully managed and your drive and ambition is actively encouraged.

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I’ve been encouraged to get involved in as much as I can, to take responsibility and to stretch my intellectual abilities, but at the same time to challenge ways of doing things to see if things can be done better.

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