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Being made for more goes beyond just having an interest in law. It means being a well-rounded individual with an entrepreneurial attitude; applying yourself fully to every task you put your mind to and making the most of every minute, both in and away from the firm. Meet our trainee lawyers below.


I first became attracted to A&O’s stellar reputation, impressive international reach and distinctive culture of innovation at a campus presentation and during my vacation scheme. It was a dream come true when I landed a training contract with A&O, as it was the obvious choice for me to kick-start my legal career.
Throughout my training contract, I have come across people who are very welcoming, helpful and genuine. The partners and associates have been very informative and happy to answer all my questions. I have also worked closely with colleagues from different international offices (notably Amsterdam, Hong Kong and New York) on numerous cross-border transactions. These experiences have been especially exciting as the firm’s involvement in multinational deals initially attracted me here.
Everyone at A&O is very open and collaborative. Although there is a difference in experience between partners, associates and trainees, we believe that each of us is a vital component in the team. My trainer summed it up perfectly: everyone has a role to play on a transaction and it simply would not work if any one of us was missing from the team. That makes me feel valued and trusted, and it makes all the long hours worth it. With the trust and support of my team, I have achieved more than I expected and grown into more than I had envisaged myself to be as a trainee.
One of my highlights so far has been working on the team that closed one of the largest software buyouts in Europe. It was a great experience to work alongside the biggest names in private equity and learn from them throughout the transaction. When the deal closed, our client sent a heartwarming message to thank us, and our partner even treated us to a celebratory dinner at a Michelin–starred restaurant! At A&O, we pull together as a team and celebrate together as a team. That’s what it’s all about.

Made for more means living outside your comfort zone, pushing your limits and never doubting yourself.
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As soon as I was introduced to A&O at an open day, it struck me how welcoming the environment was. Everyone was happy to be here so it was clear they enjoyed their work. It was the next natural step to apply for a vacation scheme followed by a training contract, and I was delighted to be accepted. When I started as a trainee there was no need for first day nerves. My team made it all very smooth; they were a wealth of knowledge and could answer anything I asked. It felt really exciting and a great place to start a career.
We have an open door policy here which creates an incredibly collaborative and friendly culture. Everybody makes time to help out so that, despite how busy we are, nothing ever escalates too far or becomes too much because we are all supporting each other. The firm and everyone in it encourage entrepreneurialism, so no matter your seniority your ideas are always listened to and you’ll be given support to turn them into a reality. It means you can really make a lasting impact.
At A&O, you aren’t boxed into the same mould. The firm are keen to nurture my own passions and push me to take my own ideas forward. For example, I had a suggestion to put more support in place for trainees’ mental health. I brought up the idea in a reverse mentoring session (where trainees mentor partners). I was given the green light and backing to launch the project. Now there’s a dedicated wellbeing group that provides recommendations to the firm and implements changes relating to trainees’ mental health. It isn’t treated as a taboo topic here, and that story really sums up the culture at A&O.
As a graduate who is perhaps a little unsure of where your speciality lies, A&O is the perfect place to expose yourself to a range of work so you can figure out exactly what you love doing. To top it off, you’ll be working on some of the best cases and deals in the city.

Made for more means being able and ready to go beyond what is expected of you.
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I have hit the ground running at A&O. As soon as I started my first seat, in Corporate law, I became involved in some large-scale projects, taking on more responsibility than I expected to be given as a trainee. My skills and capabilities have been trusted right from the beginning. It’s exactly what I wanted out of my career: an intellectually challenging environment and a continuous learning experience. The support network in place at A&O really helps you swim, not sink. It’s indicative of the firm’s culture, where my colleagues are my friends and we all help each other to develop and grow.
I’m proud of what I have achieved in such a short timeframe. One of my highlights to date was flying out to a physical signing in Dublin with a large number of our clients and the counterparties on a project finance deal. We all put a lot of hard work into the project so there was a huge feeling of relief and excitement when the deal eventually closed. It was a brilliant experience and a great opportunity to network and interact with clients; building a strong rapport with clients is essential to life at A&O, even at trainee level.
The firm is very much attuned to the new ways of working preferred by the next generation of lawyers. A&O is constantly experimenting and investing in new initiatives to meet our ever changing needs. The partners here see the productivity benefits of a healthy work-life balance so they encourage trainees to get involved in activities outside of work. Flexible working is also becoming more prevalent with increasing opportunities to work from home, which is another example of the trust given to trainees. A&O are challenging the status quo of traditional law firms by adapting to new ways of working to set the standard for the future.
One of the benefits of working here is the international aspect. I work on multinational projects with clients and colleagues across the world. Exposure to different working environments and cultures stops me feeling stagnant and has really helped to enhance my career by opening up new networking opportunities.

Made for more means being a trainee who is resilient, versatile, has a positive and proactive mind-set and an interest in the bigger picture.
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I have always loved the pace of things at A&O, there’s a great energy you get from working here which radiates off everyone and everything. Each day brings something new and exciting. Even on my first day, it was really busy with lots of interesting talks, team events and networking sessions. Everyone here was interested in us, the impact we wanted to make and what we wanted out of the future. That energy has been kept up since day one and has really rubbed off onto me.
I’m currently working on some big assignments with important clients that are shaping the industries they operate in. I’ve only been here for one year and I’ve already advised general counsels. I get a kick out of seeing my work driving change and influencing our future. While I’m given the freedom to run with some pretty challenging tasks and I hold a lot of responsibility with clients, I’m always supported by colleagues and I’m constantly developing and growing. The trust that’s instilled in me has affirmed my confidence and helped me thrive.
None of what I do would be possible without the people I work with. Culturally, the firm’s collaboration, social life and teamwork are the fuel that makes it all happen. Everyone here is so driven and when you add all that drive together, we all push each other and make an unbeatable team. Drive and future focus reverberates throughout the entire firm, across the global network. For example, our new Fuse innovation space is really making waves and positioning A&O way ahead of the competition when it comes to tech-led legal solutions.
Fuse also positions A&O as the clear choice for graduates. Legal tech is the future but it’s still in its infancy. With Fuse, graduates get to develop their careers in parallel with the tech that’s changing the way law works. They get to mould it and ultimately gain more experience using it than anyone else. On top of that, even as a recent graduate, you’ll get to work on some of the biggest, most talked about cases and travel the world on multinational assignments, immersing yourself in new cultures and building an international network.

Made for more means being future-proof, fully equipped to tackle any challenge that comes along.
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A&O is a ground-breaking law firm, so I had high expectations when completing my training contract here. My time as a trainee at A&O has exceeded all of those expectations. Training at a magic circle firm, I thought I would be taking more of a backseat role, helping associates and partners with discrete tasks. The opposite has proved true. I’m increasingly encouraged to take greater responsibility, going above and beyond my role to complete exciting and important tasks and take real ownership of my work. You are constantly pushed by the team around you, there’s a positive atmosphere that you can feel as soon as you walk into the office.
In the space of a year, I have already been involved in numerous cases that have impacted the corporate landscape. I am especially proud of the role I played in the team representing Fox in their attempted acquisition of Sky. Sitting in the A&O offices waiting to hear the final result was an unforgettable experience. It was one of the most intellectually stimulating environments I have worked in.
As much as the partners and associates let me try my hand at new things to accelerate my personal development, they are also a guide and a safety net to answer questions and seek advice from. Our drive and ambition isn’t overlooked and does not come at the expense of a great social life at work. When we have concluded a deal, the partner will always take the time to congratulate you and celebrate as a group. It’s a chance to appreciate all of the hard work that the team has put in throughout the project.
For a graduate looking to work here, you can be assured that your own day-to-day work will have a real impact. You can take pride in the opportunity to work on deals that you see on the morning news and it is rewarding to know that you played a part in getting it across the line.

Made for more means consistently stepping outside of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to the next level.
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