What are the people who work at Allen & Overy like?

It’s the time of year when many of you will find yourselves attending law fairs and presentations by firms. It is very easy to leave with a glossy brochure, some free pens and a good sample of the canapés and drinks which were on offer. However, once you have attended a few of these events, you quickly realise that these law firms sound very similar. True, you can compare firms based on what free merchandise they give you. Indeed, in my completely unbiased view, I would ensure you pick up some of the free sweets Allen & Overy give out. In all seriousness though, aside from comparing what freebies were on offer, how can you distinguish between law firms?

For me, an important consideration was what the people were like. I found it beneficial to speak to a range of employees at the events. This gave me an insight into what each firm was like and whether people seemed genuinely happy.

So, what are the people who work at Allen & Overy like?

Well, I thought the best picture I could give you is my experience of what the March 2015 cohort are like. These are the people I am currently studying the LPC with.

Bright. Very bright. Everyone has excelled academically but to be honest, I would expect nothing less. Intelligence aside, we have all come from varied backgrounds. Our intake studied a wide range of courses at Universities in the United Kingdom and beyond. There are those who are interested in politics, people who are sporty and some who could rival the Great British Bake off Bakers!

There is one further characteristic that everyone in our intake seems to have. It is the same characteristic that throughout the application process and the vacation scheme that I had also perceived of all Allen & Overy employees. Put simply, everyone is genuinely nice.

They are the sort of people who organise Cake Fridays. Who ask you what you’re up to over the weekend and then actually remember what you said on the Monday. We have enjoyed socialising with each other and are keeping each other motivated.

Indeed, we are currently in a particularly pressurised month of the LPC. We recently submitted our Practical Legal Research exercises and have just completed our exam in Wills and Administration of Estates. Drafting is due in a few days’ time followed by our Advocacy exam. Then we have a week off to revise before undertaking our full week of exams.

The Accelerated LPC has involved a lot of determination so far. However, it had been made a lot happier and enjoyable by having such a great cohort. So, when attending events with employers, I would suggest speaking to a range of people and asking questions you are genuinely interested in having answered. It hopefully will give you a great feel for the firm and what they value. Ultimately, it helped me to decide Allen & Overy was the right fit for me.

Please check out my next blog where I will be reporting on what the exams were like and providing you with some more tips which hopefully you will find useful.