The Final Countdown….

The past few weeks of the LPC have been busy. We started Stage 2 only a few weeks ago and yet have already finished most of the course! However, it has been great having a few weeks off from assessments aside from our Interviewing mocks last week.

This week was a pivotal one in the calendar as we received our Stage 1 Results! Everyone seems happy and I’m sure they will help motivate us in the run up to our Stage 2 Exams in January.

I’m very much looking forward to our Christmas break which begins next week. Many of the intake will be returning home to see their families. However, with exams looming, revision is also likely to be a heavy feature of the break. I suppose, I could always ask my family their thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of bank lending and debt securities issues at the Christmas table? Or, perhaps not!

It is now the time of year when you start hearing back from firms about vacation scheme applications. The good news is that out of the thousands of applicants, a firm has hopefully decided to interview you. That’s the hard bit done. Now, you just have to convince them you should definitely be offered a place. My advice would be to read over your application form again and to read up on the firm.

Good luck with any applications and interviews! I hope you all have a great Christmas and I look forward to blogging in the New Year!