Studying the LPC at University of Law, Moorgate

Hi, I’m Marcus! I am currently studying the LPC at University of Law, Moorgate.
So, what is the purpose of this blog? Firstly, I am going to provide you with information about what it is like to study the LPC. Secondly, I hope to give you an insight into Allen & Overy and why I feel privileged to be a future trainee solicitor at the firm. Over the next few months, I will be splitting my blog into these two strands. My aim will be to provide information which will be useful to all applicants, whatever stage you are at.
In this introductory blog I will be giving you an introduction about myself before giving you a brief insight into the LPC.
I’m from North London, studied Law in London at UCL and am now studying the LPC in well, London! So, as introductions go, I’m afraid I do not have a very exciting background compared with most of my cohort. I graduated two weeks ago, having started the LPC in July.
My first interaction with Allen & Overy was at the Think! Business Challenge in 2012. It is something I would encourage you all to get involved in as it was very helpful in developing commercial awareness. I then completed a Summer Vacation Scheme with the firm last Summer after which I was offered a Training Contract, starting in March 2015.
Well, I think that is enough about me. Onto the LPC.
A lot of people said the LPC would be easy. It’s not. True, the work itself isn’t necessarily challenging. However, there is a lot of work to do. The fact our LPC is accelerated means time management is not just a bonus but a necessity. Since starting in July, we have already completed our first exam and are in the process of completing our Practical Legal Research submissions. We have also recently completed our mock exams in Business, Property and Litigation (and are nervously awaiting the results!).
I’m studying with the people who will make up my March 2015 intake at Allen & Overy. This has given us the opportunity to socialise with each other and keep each other motivated whilst the workload steadily increases.
Hopefully some of the above is useful information. In my next instalment, I will be writing about ‘people’. This is a topic which is very important to Allen & Overy and made the firm really stand out to me amongst its competitors.