My experience of LPC

It’s difficult to find just one word to describe the past month of the LPC. After finishing our core modules, we were left with a week to revise for our main week of assessments. This gave us just enough time to go through our folders and hope we still understood most of the material.
Then, on 3 November, the week which my sister aptly renamed ‘hell week’ began. Our daily exams were all at 9am in the morning. Most of them were for three and a half hours. Oh and we sat in the same room and at the same desk every morning, an LPC version of Groundhog Day.
So, it is hopefully clear we had very little time to revise for the exams and they lasted a long time. A further issue was the amount of information we had learnt during the past four months. It would have been very easy to have written out huge chunks without thinking and without applying what we had learnt to the given facts.
Two years ago, this time of year presented a different challenge, law firm application forms. Having spoken to firms at law fairs and presentations and read all the brochures, you find yourself presented with a range of questions with tight word limits.
There are key similarities between exams and application forms. When faced with both tasks, you have huge volumes of information at your fingertips. For example, the question may ask you to explain why Allen & Overy is the right fit for you. As well as your own conversations with employees, there is the firm’s website and brochure. Your research can take you much further than these sources. Search online and you’ll come across Allen & Overy’s annual review and recent deals that Allen & Overy’s lawyers have been working on. Much like our LPC exams, you then have to organise that material and answer the question which has been asked concisely.
The next week has been set aside for us to prepare for the next stage of the Accelerated LPC. In between work, this means we can have our first guilt free time off since the beginning of July! Along with catching up with friends and sleep, I’m particularly looking forward to representing Allen & Overy at the UCL law fair.
In next month’s blog, I will be updating you with our progress as we begin Stage 2 of the LPC. In the meantime, make sure you check out Allen & Overy’s Twitter page which currently features some great tips for making the most of law fairs and standing out on application forms.