LPC Marathon

Hello again

So another month has passed in the LPC marathon. It’s hard to believe that we have completed three months already – time is really flying. September’s been quite a steady month. I’ve felt like I’ve settled into the swing of things a little bit more now, though the pressure is definitely still on.
In the last month we finally completed ‘S-Mode’ which constituted a number of online submissions within tight deadlines. We had started it at the very beginning of the course before our workshops commenced, but the final two tasks had to be juggled at the same time as undertaking a normal week at the University. This is where the time-management skills we have been developing really had to come into their own. Although at times it was admittedly quite demanding, we all acknowledge that it was excellent preparation for the realities of life at the firm where we will have to be capable of coping with the pressures of deadlines as part of the working day.

This month has also seen the mock exams in the core modules (Business Law and Practice, Property Law and Practice and Civil Litigation) come and go. Once again we had to balance revising for these as well as preparing and attending our workshops. It was a tough couple of weeks but I’m delighted to say I passed all three exams.

Now we have entered October we still have a lot to be getting on with. We have just submitted our practical legal research projects and have been given our drafting tasks to do. Our wills exam is coming up next week as well as our mock advocacy exam, with the real thing to follow in a fortnight’s time.
I’ll report back in a few weeks’ time to update you on how things are progressing.