Hello Again

It seems like an age since I last posted, but much has been keeping me busy!

October was an incredibly hectic month that saw the completion of our Drafting assignment, the Wills and Administration Exam as well as Advocacy. During this time we also had the looming prospect of our core module exams in early November, so the pressure was really on.

We finished the core modules in the last week of October, which left us with a week for consolidation lectures and one week for revision. That fortnight was very challenging and at times particularly stressful, but I think we all coped with the pressure reasonably well. We also received our results for ‘Solicitors’ Accounts’, ‘Wills and Administration’ as well as ‘Practical Legal Research’ a few days before our exam week. I was delighted to have passed all three and felt like this provided me with a little bit of a confidence boost for the tough week ahead.

My experience of exams at A Level and at University had not really prepared me for such an intense exam week, but in-keeping with a lot of aspects of the LPC, it presented another point where adaption was really critical. In five days we had seven exams which constituted fourteen and a half hours in the exam room. 9am starts everyday also added to the task somewhat!

I felt that the exams went reasonably well overall – some could have gone a little better but some exceeded my expectations. We have just had what can only be described as a really well-deserved week off and are set to start stage 2 this week. The results of the exams will be out mid-December, so there’s a nervy month ahead, but the elective subjects will keep us very busy I am sure!

I’ll report back soon on how stage 2 is going and how I’m settling into my new elective subjects – ‘Acquisitions’, ‘Public Companies and Equity Finance’ and ‘Finance and Capital Markets’.

Thanks for checking up on my progress, I’ll update you all again soon!