Goodbye to the LPC

Hello and welcome to my last ever LPC blog! The seven month LPC marathon is finally over. The last few months have been nothing short of manic. Stress began to build as we approached the elective examinations on Acquisitions, Banking and Debt Finance and Public Companies and Equity Finance. On top of this we also had our practical interviewing mock and final exam. Christmas intervened as a final interval before these exams and provided a well-timed break for us all. Fortunately the January exams were only over a few days, which made the job seem substantially more manageable than it had been for the core modules in November. The consensus among the Allen & Overy intake seemed to be that the electives were more enjoyable, though still substantively challenging. Having studied company law in my last year at university, I found Acquisitions and Public Companies and Equity Finance to be my best subjects while Banking and Debt Finance was the most difficult. I found all three topics to be quite interesting and on the whole, enjoyed the workshops on them.
There was a huge sense of relief around college once the final exam was over. A few days later I headed off to the Caribbean for a much needed fortnight in the sun! Upon returning I found out that I passed the elective exams and was absolutely delighted to have done so. I genuinely assess the LPC as the most difficult course I have ever experienced and would stress to aspiring lawyers that it should not be under-estimated. The myth that the LPC is easy could not be any less true. At times it can feel like the work is relentless and the schedule over seven months is definitely jam-packed. Having said that, I think there are advantages to having studied the accelerated course and certainly feel more capable of working under pressure and keeping to tight deadlines as a direct result of it.
The next cohort of Allen & Overy students has now started the course and I wish them the best of luck over the next few months! I would like to conclude this entry by saying thank you to everyone who has been following my progress on the LPC and good luck to those of you making your applications to Allen & Overy.