Introducing Kathryn Jessup

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I’m Kathryn, and for the next year I will be blogging about what it is like to be a student undertaking the GDL. I cannot promise great things in terms of wit and entertainment, but I hope to provide you with plenty of information, and share with you my experiences on the coming year as I start at The University of Law, Moorgate.

My previous work experience has been in HR, marketing, PR, banking and asset management, so I have certainly tried a fair amount of areas before something stuck! I turned my attention to law this time last year, and I realised it was a perfect fit. I was fortunate enough to get onto the A&O Winter Vacation Scheme, which was so enjoyable that I immediately knew this path was for me. Not only was the work interesting and engaging, but all the people at A&O were exceptionally friendly and welcoming. Needless to say, I accepted the training contract offer, which I received on Christmas Eve!

I finished my three-year degree in Politics at Bristol University in June, and since then I have been making the best of this summer before getting back into the library in September. I have now completed the big move backwards from living with friends at University to back home with the family, as fortunately we are based by Tower Bridge, so very convenient for getting over to Moorgate when term begins.

Although it seems daunting taking on this packed conversion course, the University has already started to gently guide us into the process with an online Legal Method course, which has been very manageable so far. The course introduces you to the English Legal System, and looks at how the government makes laws, how the courts enforce it, and how to read and interpret both statute and case law. It promises to take 50 hours to complete but I will have to get back to you on the reality of this once complete!

Term starts officially on the 19th September. We have been given the option to choose our timetables, which either consists of two full days a week, or four half days. If you live further out, the two-day week seems like a great option to save you travelling time. However, I have opted for the four half days, and chosen the early shift at 9.15am, with the hope of spreading out the workload, as well as making sure I make it out of bed in the morning!

I hope to provide you with a lot more information on the journey of a non-law student in the coming posts, as well as reassure you (and me!) about any uncertainties in relation to the GDL process. Please let me know any burning questions if there is anything I haven’t covered.

I look forward to giving you the best picture I can of what it is like to be a GDL student, and equally a future trainee at A&O!