As The GDL Flies By

And so it begins…

I cannot believe I am saying this, but almost two months of the GDL have already flown by. In this time I have made it through the Fresher’s party alive, covered a scary amount of content already, completed my first exam, spent a day shadowing a judge in court, and set up the University of Law netball society!

The course itself is split into seven foundation subjects; contract, tort, public, criminal, equity & trusts, land and EU law. Meanwhile, we also have a Unit called “Preparing for Practice”, which combines various areas of law into one with problem based questions to help us learn how to logically approach research, work in teams, and then we present our findings back to the class. Needless to say, the combination of all of these subjects means that every day is different, which requires a high amount of organisation but also means that the course is always engaging and particularly fast-paced.

Speaking of fast-paced, I have already completed my first exam. This was on the Legal Method unit I referred to in the last post. We were introduced to all of the content through the online course before starting (so this is worth making an effort on), and then after a couple of workshops and consolidation lectures, the exam was relatively straightforward. As a multiple-choice exam with open books, it was really nothing to worry about, just to reassure anyone ready for next year!

Beyond the course, we are also expected to complete Practice Related Activities; I chose court visits but there are many other options such as Negotiation, Business Games and a Commercial Awareness Forum to name but a few. I spent a day in Southwark Crown Court shadowing a judge, which was a great way of seeing all that we are learning about in action and helped to develop my understanding beyond the text-book!

The social side at Moorgate has made Uni life thoroughly enjoyable. I am happy to say that I have a lovely class, filled with a great mix of people and coincidentally five of us are even going to A&O. There are plenty of places to grab lunch or a drink or two after Uni whenever we need a break. I have also set up the Netball club for this year; we have joined a league on Wednesday lunchtimes at Barbican, just around the corner from Moorgate, and then have practices in the weeks that there aren’t games on.

Allen & Overy have been really supportive. All of the GDL’ers were invited for drinks and canapés in the office bar so that we could be paired up with trainee buddies in case we have any questions or need any support in the coming year. This was really reassuring and my buddy has already been in touch with advice; it was nice to go in and make it all the more tangible whilst we are ploughing on with all this work in the meantime! My intake are all very friendly, and we had a great evening spilling into Pizza Express afterwards.

I hope this is enough to reassure you that although life on the GDL is super busy, the work is engaging, A&O will support you through it and there are plenty of people in the same boat as you to make it seem all the more manageable.

I will be in touch soon about tackling our first piece of coursework and hopefully will have some festive news to share too!