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Fuse is designed to bring forward-thinking tech companies together with clients and A&O experts to develop practical solutions to legal, regulatory and deal-related issues.

As a leading law firm, we’re creating solutions to some of the most intractable challenges faced by companies, financial institutions and law firms today. In the changing world around us, we’re proud to have the resources, the vision and the mind-set to build solutions for the future, whatever it may hold.

For trainees, our Fuse space is the perfect place to explore new technology, realise their own ideas and develop into lawyers of the future.

The legal market is currently in an accelerated pace of change. Our Fuse space is Allen & Overy’s way of focusing on embracing technology in three particular areas of innovation:

Technology supporting legal advice, law firms and in-house legal functions

Technology supporting regulatory compliance

Technology that transforms how companies and financial institutions transact and negotiate deals with each other

Fuse acts as a remarkable radar, enabling us to understand what’s out there in terms of technology-driven solutions to the challenges that we and our clients face every day. It has been fascinating to witness the practical application of some of the technologies created by the companies in the first cohort.

Jonathan Brayne
Partner and Chair of Fuse

Industry Firsts

Fuse played host to the successful issuance from Nivaura of the world’s first fully automated crypto currency-denominated bond and the first structured product to be transacted and custodied, in each case using blockchain.

Fuse has also prompted the launch of numerous client and internal product pilots and collaborations, including the global Banking practice embracing a new technology from Legatics following a successful trial period.

Cohort 4

Our most recent cohort joined Fuse in 2020. Five new LegalTech companies and four new FinTech residents joined Fuse alumni Avvoka, Define, Nivaura and REGnosys.


Help lawyers to automate their expert knowledge by using their no-code building platform to build, manage and sell interactive applications, thus enabling them to digitise and scale their services.


Help founders with many of the processes currently performed by lawyers, such as incorporating companies, drafting agreements, building cap tables and structuring data rooms.


Help clients to automate the review and mark-up of routine legal contracts using AI. By extracting data, lawyers can better understand and harness the information in their contracts.


Help lawyers to model complex legal structures and transactions more easily and visually. It

enables static two dimensional diagrams to become dynamic, data-rich, information maps,

which can be accessed and navigated by multiple stakeholders as part of a transaction.

Orbital Witness

Help investors, developers, lenders and their professional advisors gain greater visibility into

issues impacting value, liquidity and intended use of a real estate asset or portfolio by

creating a universal risk rating system for property transactions.

Loan Optics

Streamline the primary and secondary loan implementation process to make the

syndicated loan market digitally native, thus driving significant operational savings.


Provide a real-time and fully transparent electronic proxy voting solution. The platform

removes the need for manual and often paper-based processing which slows down the

current system and makes it opaque. It also offers a shareholder disclosure platform,

which automates shareholder ID requests in industry compliant formats without the need

for any manual intervention.


Help firms to assess risk faster, speed up their ready to trade process with accuracy and

eliminate redundant or inefficient processes in booking, confirmation, and settlement.

The platform organises data with an end-to-end workflow involving multiple stakeholders.


Help businesses to achieve fast, confidential computing by using cryptography, consensus

algorithms and specialist hardware to achieve end-to-end encryption and tamperproofing

of data at rest, in transit and in use.

Cohort 3

The following companies joined the firm in May 2019:


A start-up which builds tools aiming to create machine-readable rules, thus enabling customers to access complex financial regulations on a digital basis.


A drafting tool which helps users to access defined terms and references in documents more easily, with the intention of speeding up the drafting process.


A platform which seeks to provide social collaboration, secure file sharing, and project management with the aim of improving efficiency and productivity.


A legal AI platform that reads, drafts and marks up legal agreements on an automated basis.

Cohort 2

The following companies were selected to join Avvoka, Legatics and Nivaura for the second cohort:

Bloomsbury AI

An early stage company that uses natural language understanding, cognitive capabilities and machine learning to create virtual assistants that can be taught to read, reason and communicate.

Kira Systems

Provides machine learning technology for document review and analysis, which has been licensed by Allen & Overy.

Neota Logic

A provider of automation software, whose AI-powered app development platform enables professionals to build and deploy applications that automate legal expertise, processes and documents.


A fintech company which leverages the open source to deliver “machine executable regulation” and drive radical change in the financial industry’s approach to regulatory compliance.

Signal Media

An AI-powered intelligence firm turning information into accessible, actionable business knowledge. Artificial Intelligence is applied to millions of content-rich sources – from news media to global regulatory updates – driving insight and helping businesses manage the risks and opportunities they face.

Cohort 1

Seven companies were selected, alongside Nivaura, to join the first Fuse cohort:


A digital platform incorporating a contract creation, workflow and analytics tool.


A business providing regulatory risk intelligence, using forensic analysis and forecasting of fines and sentencing globally.


Previously known as RAVN, a business developing natural language processing and machine learning technology to organise, discover and summarise documents.


A charitable not-for-profit enterprise aiming to create a mobile-responsive online technology platform to assist asylum seekers in gaining access to pro bono legal representation and advice.


A company that turns ‘paper and email’ based legal processes into simple and innovative software.


Nivaura’s focus is on developing an automated and vertically integrated capital markets cloud based service for the issuance and administration of financial instruments – a task involving significant financial, technical, regulatory and legal complexity.

Nivaura aims to offer a self-service platform solution for banks, exchanges, brokers, advisers and other intermediaries, to enable them to service their SME clients more cost effectively. This enables SMEs to access a robust source of financing and also allows larger placement agents/dealers to tap into an additional source of revenue by offering their services to companies/issuances that would normally be considered too small to manage cost effectively.

Whilst in the inaugural Fuse Cohort, Nivaura participated in the FCA sandboxes 2 and 3, issuing the world’s first fully automated cryptocurrency-denominated bond and the first structured product to be transacted and custodied, in each case, using blockchain. 

Opus 2 International

Originally a developer of litigation and transcript management software, they are now developing a tool to support lawyers with the prospectus verification process.


A provider of content aggregation, automation and intelligence software.

I regularly visited Fuse in the first seat of my training contract and helped with the development of a document review tool for a large bank. The specialist screens were particularly useful in trialling the product, as well the support of the IT specialists that work there. It was obvious that a number of the products being developed in Fuse were going to change the way lawyers (and particularly trainees) work.

Robert Steele
Associate, Litigation


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