Diversity & Inclusion

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Bring your varied perspectives to the table.

We know that diverse organisations that succeed in bringing people together, create superior solutions and are more sustainable. They also better contribute to the communities that sustain them, and who give them license to operate.

We also know that equity and diversity result from an inclusive environment and that unconscious bias can live in an organisation’s established processes. This is why creating an environment in which all at A&O can thrive, achieve their potential and challenge the inadvertent effects of traditional processes, globally and locally, has been a priority for us for many years. 

The pandemic and recent events around the world have emphasised that opportunity is not equitably spread and that community-wide action is needed to make progress. A&O is committed to playing a full part in this. Now, more than ever, we must ensure that our good intentions continue to translate into progress on equity and diversity so that, as we emerge into the new normal, our progress is not impaired.

At A&O we go beyond hoping for a better future. We know that hope is not a plan. We actively foster an inclusive environment where people can be their true and authentic selves at work. We know that by listening, and encouraging challenge, that genuine inclusivity can be achieved and not just aspired to.

Our People Networks

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A&Out is our global network both for staff that identify as LGBT+ and staff that want to support and promote the equality of their LGBT+ colleagues (our allies). Globally, A&Out has over 100 LGBT+ members and over 700 allies. The purpose of A&Out is to raise awareness and to offer support and networking opportunities to A&O staff.

Race and Ethnicity

The aim of the group is to focus on the needs of, and issues affecting, Black, Asian, and minority ethnic people at A&O in London. Since launching, the group has successfully implemented a number of initiatives internally to raise awareness of the issues relating to ethnic diversity at A&O, its objectives and to demonstrate the firm’s commitment to creating a more diverse business.

Gender Equality Network

The Gender Equality network works to support A&O to achieve greater gender equality at all levels of seniority within the firm. Their mission is to take every step toward a gender-balanced workplace where everyone can fulfil their potential.

AccessAbility Network

We know that disabilities can be life long, short-term, life changing and can change over time. At A&O we’re ensuring that whatever the nature, someone’s disability shouldn’t ever be a barrier to accelerating and experiencing a fulfilling career.

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Social Mobility Network

Social inequality continues to restrict potential the world over, and we believe we have a key part to play in building a fairer society where opportunity is merit-based and accessible. Our backgrounds should be celebrated and shared, but should not define our experiences or limit our opportunities. We want everyone at A&O to meet their potential and flourish.