Our tech innovation space.


Fuse is designed to bring forward-thinking tech companies together with clients and A&O experts to develop practical solutions to legal, regulatory and deal-related issues.

As a leading law firm, we’re creating solutions to some of the most intractable challenges faced by companies, financial institutions and law firms today. In the changing world around us, we’re proud to have the resources, the vision and the mind-set to build solutions for the future, whatever it may hold.

For trainees, our FUSE space is the perfect place to explore new technology, realise their own ideas and develop into lawyers of the future.

The legal market is currently in an accelerated pace of change. Our Fuse space is Allen & Overy’s way of focusing on embracing technology in three particular areas of innovation:

Technology supporting legal advice, law firms and in-house legal functions

Technology supporting regulatory compliance

Technology that transforms how companies and financial institutions transact and negotiate deals with each other


Fuse acts as a remarkable radar, enabling us to understand what’s out there in terms of technology-driven solutions to the challenges that we and our clients face every day. It has been fascinating to witness the practical application of some of the technologies created by the companies in the first cohort.

Jonathan Brayne Chairman of Fuse


For trainees, our FUSE space is the perfect place to explore new technology, realise their own ideas and develop into lawyers of the future.



Industry Firsts

Fuse played host to the successful issuance from Nivaura of the world’s first fully automated crypto currency-denominated bond and the first structured product to be transacted and custodied, in each case using blockchain.

Fuse has also prompted the launch of numerous client and internal product pilots and collaborations, including the global Banking practice embracing a new technology from Legatics following a successful trial period.

Cohort 1 

Seven other companies were selected to join Nivaura in Fuse for the first cohort:







Opus 2 International 




Cohort 2 

The following companies were selected to join Avvoka, Legatics and Nivaura for the second cohort:

Bloomsbury AI

Kira Systems 

Neota Logic


Signal Media 




Cohort 3

The following companies joined the firm in May 2019:






“I regularly visited Fuse throughout my first seat and helped with the development of a document review tool for a large bank. The specialist screens were particularly useful in trialling the product, as well the support of the IT specialists that work there. It was obvious that a number of the products being developed in Fuse were going to change the way lawyers (and particularly trainees) work.”

Robert Steele Current Trainee


Advanced Delivery

Recode the legal world

The legal industry is evolving. From artificial intelligence to data visualisation, the way we use digital is transforming our world – and the pace of change is increasing rapidly. As an Advanced Delivery graduate, you’ll redefine the role technology plays in the future of law.

To find out more about the Advanced Delivery programme check back in at a later date.