At Allen & Overy, we recognise that choosing the right career and employer is a big decision. For those of you who would be interested in gaining first-hand experience of life at Allen & Overy and the work we do before seeking a Training Contract with us, we suggest you apply to one of our Vacation Schemes. Also, all vacation scheme students are provided the opportunity to be assessed for a Training Contract at the end of their scheme.

The application deadline for our Vacation Schemes was 31 December 2015. Applications will open again in Autumn 2016.

Vacations Schemes for Academic Year 2015/16:

Winter:      Wednesday, 9th December – Friday, 18th December 2015
Spring:      Tuesday, 29th March – Friday, 8th April 2016
Summer:   Monday, 27th June – Friday, 8th July 2016

Please note that you can only apply to one Vacation Scheme or Training Contract every twelve months.